Single-wire Data Transmission

Device Outputs Main Features Download
NEWRT7908A 35mA per output
256 grayscale levels for each color
Extremely small size
Power saving function
Multi-cascading capability
RT7905 35mA per output
8bits PWM
Bare die available
HOTRT7907 35mA per output
10bits PWM
4bits current gain
Broken-series function to raise the system reliability
Excellent low standby current
Multi-cascading capability
RT7919 318mA per output
8bits PWM
Multi-cascading capability
HOTRT7920 320mA per output
The highest PWM bits on the market
4bits current gain
Broken-series function
Multi-cascading capability
RT7921 4RGB+W application
18mA/per output
256 steps PWM grayscale control
16 steps Current gain for each output to adjust the brightness and white balance
Multi-cascading capability

Dual-wire Data Transmission

Device Outputs Main Features Download
NEWRT7211 3I2C communication protocol
8 bits PWM for each channel
16 steps current gain
Programmable breathing mode
Dynamic power saving function
RT771LVR 35~27mA per output
12/15bits PWM
6bits current gain
7bits CAR
LED open detection
Thermal detection and report
RT758 450~350mA per output
Support 12V~24V supply voltage
8bits PWM / 4 set individual OE control
Thermal protection


Device Outputs Main Features Download
NEWRT7601 1No need control signal
Built-in breathing and flicker effect
4.7mA(typ.) output current
extra-small package
Bare die available
NEWRGB LED controlling board - Lobster 3Build in power supply
Suitable for controlling RT79-series products
Easy use and reprogramming

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